DWI record being expunged and sealed to get a real job. This image was adapted from, “Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium” and is copyright 
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Texas law allows certain persons to obtain an order of non-disclosure to have their criminal record sealed.  This can have a dramatic impact on employment and other options.  For more information contact one of our lawyers at 210.650.9074 for a free consultation.

Have you ever been placed on deferred adjudication probation or received pretrial diversion in Texas?

     Have you finished the probation and thought that was end of the matter and now find that the offense is still appearing in your criminal record or in a background check and affectingyour ability to find work or change jobs. If you have completed deferred adjudication probation you may be eligible to petition thecourt for an order of nondisclosure (sealing). After a hearing the court can issue such an orderprohibiting criminal justice agencies from disclosing the public criminal history recordinformation related to the offense for which you received the deferred adjudication. For most misdemeanors you may petition the court immediately, however certainmisdemeanors may require a two year waiting period and all eligible felonies require a fiveyear waiting period. The statutory filing fee is currently $28.00

     A person whose criminal history record information has been sealed is not required to state inany application for employment, information, or licensing that the person has been the subjectof any criminal proceeding related to the information that is the subject of an order sealing therecord. However the information that has been sealed may still be disclosed to lawenforcement agencies and certain other entities such as schools, hospitals, and certainlicensing boards of the state on their request.

     To find out if you are eligible to seal your criminal record, you are welcome to speakwith one of our attorneys who can advise you as to your particular situation and type ofoffense. At Carroll & Hinojosa, PLLC, if you are eligible to have your record sealed, ourstaff is ready to begin the process immediately so that you will not be delayed in gettingyour record sealed.  

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